Today we are going to investigate products you use to clean the bathroom.
By James Martin
While most ingredients listed on your bathroom cleaners are safe for one time use for adults they may not be safe for children or for long term use. Many of the chemicals used in cleaning products go by several different names making it very time consuming for the average consumer to do the research. I have found several cases where the same chemical has five or six different names that are used on the ingredients list. You can find some of the chemicals listed on my additional research page but this is nowhere near all of the different names for most of the products. You can also find ingredients for the most common products used in the Household Data Base. There are also chemicals used in the manufacturing process that produce by products in cleaners such as 1,4 Dioxane and Formaldehyde which at best are highly irritating to the skin and thought to be carcinogens.

Rust removers have a drivitive of sulphuric 
acid called sulfamic acid which is highly corrosive. most of you bathroom disinfectants in an aerosol can have Isobutane of Propane as propellants, both products are highly flammable and irritating to the eyes and nose. In highly confined spaces they can displace the oxygen and be lethal.

Always read labels carefully and do not mix cleaning products, many products when mixed with other products create deadly gases. Mixing Chlorine Bleach and Ammonia
creates a chloramine vapor which is very deadly.  Mixing Chlorine Bleach and vinegar produces a deadly chlorine gas. Caution should be used if you decide to mix Ammonia and vinegar, one will rule out the properties of the other and you will not have a cleaning product.   I have links to additional research on my additional research page.

For information on safe products for you home click here



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